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Navigating the Changes in Product Families from AS/NZS 4187 to AS 5369

Michael Stanton 01-Feb-2024 14:22:39
Navigating the Changes in Product Families from AS/NZS 4187 to AS 5369

The shift from AS/NZS 4187:2014 to AS 5369:2023 introduces notable changes in the implementation of Product Families, especially with the detailed guidance presented in section A.5.2 of Appendix A.

In contrast to AS/NZS 4187:2014, AS 5369:2023 offers comprehensive guidance along with a supporting flowchart.

This blog aims to explore the guidance provided and highlight the differences in managing product family classifications between these two standards, making it easier to understand the adjustments required.

QuickShot 2: Improving Surgical Tracking with Naming Rules

Michael Stanton 15-Jun-2023 15:17:26


Transitioning to an Electronic Tracking system often involves importing your existing CSSD Check Sheets and Surgical Devices data, currently maintained in MS Word or Excel. A common challenge is the varied naming of the same type of surgical instruments. 

For instance, Mayo Forceps for example, might be named in several ways:

  • 15cm Curved Mayo Forceps
  • Mayo Forceps 15cm Curved
  • Curved 15cm Mayo Forceps
  • Forceps Mayo  Curved 15cm
  •  6" Mayo Curved Forcep

Let's explore five tips on establishing a consistent naming convention for surgical instruments to simplify this process.

Introducing ScanCARE QuickShots

Michael Stanton 05-Apr-2023 14:56:49

Busy Nurse

ScanCARE QuickShots offer a condensed version of our in-depth blog posts, summarising the key takeaways and presenting them in a quick, easy-to-read format. Each QuickShots blog will cover essential information on surgical instrument tracking, sterilization, and management, helping you stay up to date on industry best practices and innovations.

Unique Surgical Instrument Identification – AU and NZ update

Michael Stanton 09-May-2019 20:11:50
Unique Surgical Instrument Identification – AU and NZ update

In July 2018 I published a blog about being ready for unique surgical instrument identification (UDI) and its implications for Australia and New Zealand.

Since then, the therapeutic goods administration (TGA) in Australia has released a consultation paper relating to the implementation of UDI.

The purpose of this blog is to look at the document and provide an update on what’s happening with the implementation of UDI in Australia.

The Untold cost of EMR

Michael Stanton 14-Mar-2019 06:55:43

The untold cost of EMR

Electronic Medical Record systems have now been widely adopted in Australia and around the world. Possibly the most publicised roll out has been in the United States with the government providing significant fiscal incentives under the Meaningful Use program.

In this blog I use the terms EHR and EMR interchangeably.

In the US for example it's common to use EHR (Electronic Health Record) as the term for a patient’s medical record, whereas in Australia, the personal health record system, MyHealth Record is commonly referred to as an EHR. In Australia, the patient record is generally referred to as an EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Simplifying product families by using an alternative approach

Michael Stanton 27-Nov-2018 13:57:57
Simplifying product families by using an alternative approach

By far the most perplexing issue for customers and delegates I talk to at conferences is Product Families.

This topic is the most read on my blog and our free guide to product family categorisation is by far the most downloaded resource on our web site.

The purpose of this post is to challenge the methodology used in the ISO/TS 17665-3 (ISO) standard by asking ‘Why does it need to be that way?’