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AS/NZS 4187 Product Families Online Course

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Sep-2020 14:27:10 / by Michael Stanton posted in AS/NZS4187, Product Families, AS/NZS 4187

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We are proud to announce the Scancare Academy and our very first course, Understanding & Implementing Product Families, is available now and its completely free to enroll.

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NSHQS review AS/NZS 4187:2014 implementation deadline…. pending November 2019 Review

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Sep-2019 12:23:44 / by Michael Stanton posted in AS/NZS4187

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On 30th September 2016, I published my blog ‘NSHQS extend AS4187:2014 implementation deadline’ that discussed the NSQHS Advisory No. A16/03 which related to an implementation extension until December 2021.

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Unique Surgical Instrument Identification – AU and NZ update

[fa icon="calendar'] 09-May-2019 20:11:50 / by Michael Stanton posted in Surgical Instruments, UDI

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In July 2018 I published a blog about being ready for unique surgical instrument identification (UDI) and its implications for Australia and New Zealand.

Since then, the therapeutic goods administration (TGA) in Australia has released a consultation paper relating to the implementation of UDI.

The purpose of this blog is to look at the document and provide an update on what’s happening with the implementation of UDI in Australia.

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Should I track to tray or instrument level?

[fa icon="calendar'] 19-Mar-2019 08:37:00 / by Michael Stanton posted in Surgical Instruments, AS/NZS4187, cssd

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When people ask me about instrument tracking, there are are number of things I need to find out from them so that I get an idea of what they want to track. So I begin by asking them what they would like to track:

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The Untold cost of EMR

[fa icon="calendar'] 14-Mar-2019 06:55:43 / by Michael Stanton posted in Medical Records Management, Paperless Patient Records, Digital Medical Records

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doctor burnout

Electronic Medical Record systems have now been widely adopted in Australia and around the world. Possibly the most publicised roll out has been in the United States with the government providing significant fiscal incentives under the Meaningful Use program.

In this blog I use the terms EHR and EMR interchangeably.

In the US for example it's common to use EHR (Electronic Health Record) as the term for a patient’s medical record, whereas in Australia, the personal health record system, MyHealth Record is commonly referred to as an EHR. In Australia, the patient record is generally referred to as an EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

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Simplifying product families by using an alternative approach

[fa icon="calendar'] 27-Nov-2018 13:57:57 / by Michael Stanton posted in AS/NZS4187

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By far the most perplexing issue for customers and delegates I talk to at conferences is Product Families.

This topic is the most read on my blog and our free guide to product family categorisation is by far the most downloaded resource on our web site.

The purpose of this post is to challenge the methodology used in the ISO/TS 17665-3 (ISO) standard by asking ‘Why does it need to be that way?’
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Here is how GS1 Data Matrix Barcodes are structured.

[fa icon="calendar'] 10-Sep-2018 14:21:25 / by Michael Stanton posted in Surgical Instruments

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I recently wrote about new regulations being implemented in Eurpope and the US that require manufacturers to uniquely mark surgical devices at the time manufacture.

Effectively, all reusable surgical devices that are destined for the EU and US markets will need to be marked with a GS1 Data matrix barcode .

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Get ready for Unique Surgical Instrument Identification.

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Jul-2018 13:13:02 / by Michael Stanton posted in Surgical Instruments, UDI

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In September 2013 the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) implemented regulations establishing a system to identify surgical devices through distribution and use. Under this rule, each medical device must be labelled with a Unique Device Identifier (UDI).

The UDI needs to be directly marked on the device itself if the device is intended to be used more than once and to be reprocessed before each use.

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Video: What AS4187 means for office based healthcare

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Nov-2017 14:33:00 / by Michael Stanton posted in AS/NZS4187

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In August 2015 we wrote about the implications of the new AS/NZS4187 standard on office based healthcare facilities. It is the second best read article on our blog and we have now created snapshot video that covers the main points. See below. 

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Video: AS/NZS4187 or AS/NZS 4815 which one is right for dental practices

[fa icon="calendar'] 31-Oct-2017 07:25:00 / by Michael Stanton

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In August 2015 we wrote about the confusion about the new standard AS4187 versus the previous standard AS4185 in dental practices and office based health care services.  The short video addresses that. 

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