How does six sigma apply to healthcare and medical practice

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We've all had the experience of sitting in waiting room for what seems and absolute eternity waiting to see a medical professional. Flicking through outdated, dog eared magazines, keeping an eye on the queue, feeling nervous and hoping that it’s your turn next.

It’s crazy really, because not only does it create discomfort and dissatisfaction with patients, it also costs the practice significantly in terms of customer satisfaction and higher operating costs.

But why does this happen and, more to the point, how can it be improved?

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What are the minimum label requirements under AS4187?

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Re-usable Medical Devices must, in accordance with AS4187 2014, be labelled prior to sterilisation. The label must identify the contents and provide information for batch control. 

But while the standard's requirements are critical, there are also a number of other requirements such as OH&S that may affect the way you label your RMD’s.

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How activity based data amps up theatre optimisation rates

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Aug-2015 18:03:00 / by Michael Stanton posted in Medical Assets

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Theatre optimisation rates are important for both Private and Public health care facilities. It’s about better patient outcomes and quality of care. Moreover, an optimised theatre asset will allow more patients to be treated in a shorter amount of time. In the instance of private healthcare facilities operating theatres are also a main income producing asset.

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How to enhance patient experiences and utilisation of theatre assets

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Patient Experience or Performance?

Are both possible? Pressure to improve performance and client retention is experienced by private and public hospitals around Australia. The patient experience and utilisation of medical assets are both key factors in realising these goals. But in a system that is frequently overburdened, where do you start and where can the biggest impact be made in the shortest amount of time?

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